Braille2000—Software Licenses
Price List (January 2022)

Note: prices remain stable, no increases since 2012. Availability of the MathFeature has slipped again.
See:  Feature Comparison
Multi-user (Group) Licenses
Group Rates
Incentive Program (discounts)
Please use part numbers
when ordering Braille2000

Software licensing categories

Subscription a monthly license fee payable in advance (can be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly)
Premium a one-time license fee, free access to new releases and free technical support

Software activation:
Unlike typical software, a Braille2000 license is portable: you may install Braille2000 on as many computers as you wish. One license will activate Braille2000 on one computer at a time. Braille2000 can be activated by "Key" device or via Internet connection (sustained connection while using Braille2000 is required). Choice of Key devices: serial-port plug-in, USB plug-in (typically a flash drive), or keyless via the Internet. Each license comes with your choice of activation method, determined by Part Number Suffix. (You can try out Braille2000 without a license via the "Evaluate Only" tab as you launch the application: evaluation mode can do everything but is not suitable for braille production.

Free shipping to US addresses; Sales tax as required by law. All prices in US dollars. Payment via PayPal or by check.

Single-user Licenses
(one to four licenses for the same person or organization, see below for group licenses)


Part Nr.           Price
Part Nr.           Price
Braille2000: The Basic Edition B2KSE1S- 10.00/mo B2KSE1P- 359.00
Option: Braille-to-print Interpreter B2KSI1S 1.00/mo B2KSI1P 39.00
Braille2000: The Direct Entry Edition B2KEE1S- 17.00/mo B2KEE1P- 619.00
Option: Children's Braille Grade Relaxer B2KER1S 3.00/mo B2KER1P 119.00
Braille2000: The Document Processing Edition B2KPE1S- 26.00/mo B2KPE1P- 949.00
Option: Math Feature (available 2020) B2KPM1S 6.00/mo B2KPM1P 199.00
Braille2000: The Talking Edition B2KTE1S- 30.00/mo B2KTE1P- 999.00

When ordering Braille2000, add a suffix to part numbers above that end with hyphen:
      -S9: serial port Key (9-pin)
      -U1: usb Key (without file storage)
      -U2: usb Key (with file storage, "ThumbDrive") (not available with Subscription license)
      -IL: activation via Internet Login (keyless)

Example: B2KPE1P-U2 for Braille2000: The Document Processing Edition, Premium license with ThumbDrive Key


Braille2000 Feature Comparison

The Basic Edition (B2KSE-----) (hyphens in part numbers to be filled in, see above)

Option: Braille-to-print Interpreter (B2KSI-----)

The Direct Entry Edition (B2KEE-----)  all of the above plus…

Option: Children's Braille Grade Relaxer (B2KER-----)

The Document Processing Edition (B2KPE-----)  all of the above plus…

Option: Math Feature (B2KPM-----)

The Talking Edition (B2KTE-----)  all of the above plus…

Multiuser (Group) License Prices

Braille2000 is available for group (multi-user or quantity) licensing at a significant discount. Each license unit comes with your choice of activation method (Key device of your choice or Internet service). Group license rates apply only to Premium licenses ordered in one new transaction.  

To determine the unit price for Braille2000 when ordering five or more Premium units at the same time (of any mix of editions), find the Quantity in the table below and then multiply the Single User price (including the cost of any options) by the Multiplier in the table, and then round to the nearest whole dollar. When figuring quantity for the rate table, do not count options units, i.e., count only those items whose part number takes a suffix. The group price multiplier is based on the quantity being ordered at the same time.

Part Numbers: for group license part numbers and corresponding prices, include the Rate category number in the part numbers of all items. For example, when ordering four units of The Document Processing Edition with the Math Feature and two units of The Basic Edition (six units in all), order four of B2KPE5P-U1, four of B2KPM5P, and two of B2KSE5P-U1 (these part numbers are for the plain USB Key device, use the suffice of your choice).

Group Rates
(multipliers to the Single-user Price table; you may round the resulting unit prices to whole dollars)

Rate: 1 5 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90


1-4 5-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89 90-
Multiplier: 1.00 0.80 0.71 0.59 0.51 0.44 0.40 0.36 0.33 0.31 0.30

The Braille2000 Incentive Program

Braille2000 work groups holding 5, 10, 20, 50, or 80 or more current licenses are entitled to order any quantity of additional Braille2000 Premium licenses at the group discount rates for 5, 10, 20, 50, or 80, when ordering Braille2000 software directly from Braille2000, LLC (these discounts not available from a reseller). This is so you can order a few additional licenses at a discounted rate. You can also order using regular group licensing rates. Contact us for the part numbers to use with the Incentive Program