Evaluate Braille2000:

To get Braille2000 for evaluation...

Via the button below you can download the standard Braille2000 software package.  This is the "actual" software (not a special reduced-capability release).  However, without a license for Braille2000, certain limitations are imposed:

When the program starts, click "Evaluate Only" and then select which Edition you wish to try (if you wish, you can select a different Edition each time the program starts, in order to evaluate them all).

As you take braille out of the Braille2000 tool (such as to Save it to a file, or to emboss it, or to place it on the clipboard, etc.), the braille word "demo" will be applied randomly to the file, in several places, overlaying your own text.  This will not interfere with your evaluation of program function, but it will make your work-product unattractive for actual use.

Braille2000 can open and edit a variety of braille file types (those of itself, of ED-IT PC, of Microbraille, of Pokadot, of Duxbury, of Megadots, and others).  Please do open such files to see how Braille2000 can be applied to them.  But do not Save such files using the evaluational modes of Braille2000 (unless you use SaveAs and give the file a new name, and then expect the text to show the word "demo" in various places).  Saving any preexisting file will give you a file with "demo" sprinkled onto the text.  There are warning messages to prevent you from accidentally doing this.

Of course, duly licensed copies of Braille2000 do not sprinkle the word "demo" into any file.

Installation: get the file BRL2000B_Setup.Exe via the Download button.  Save this file in a convenient place (we suggest on the Desktop).  Execute BRL2000B_Setup.Exe (double-click its icon) to install Braille2000.