Braille2000: Version 2 Beta

[Braille2000 logo] Braille2000 Version 2 introduces a host of new features, called the "NIMAS Touch"(tm), for handling
NIMAS source files. Some of the new features also work with RTF source files.


The current release is 2.273 from 3/10/2018.

UEB is available!


After several false starts, UEB is now available in V2.  Essential information you may need to use UEB in Braille2000 is available here.

To handle the many subtle differences between UEB and EBAE, many fundamental mechanisms had to be changed (spelling checking, numbers, contraction rules, emphasis, etc.) and that may put stress on the initial releases of V2 with UEB.  Please report any problems.

Braille2000 V2 is designed to Open and work with all preexisting .ABT files, both those created by Braille2000 V1 and those created by ED-IT PC. When opening V1 files there may be a "Discrepancy Report" which indicates some imprecision in the way V2 interprets the files from its predecessors. This is being fixed.

We welcome bug reports. One way to report is via the inquiry page
Use the Download button below to get the current release.
V2 general documents:

Using Braille2000 V2

Click to download setup for V2 Installation: get the file BRL2000B_Setup.Exe via the Download button.  Save this file in a convenient place (we suggest on the Desktop).  Execute BRL2000B_Setup.Exe to install (or reinstall) Braille2000 V2 Beta.